Makeup Tips Eye Makeup Eye Shadow Expressive Eyeliner Eyeshadow Lashes Mascara Eyes

Makeup Tips: How to Create Expressive Eyes Makeup is a truly magical tool that can completely transform your look. It can help us achieve any look we desire, enhances our natural beauty, and gives us confidence. The right eye makeup can make you stand out that much more. The perfect look starts with a blank... Read More »

Friendship Issues Advice

The phrase “peer pressure” is most often used to refer to a problem facing minors. When a young person takes a course or attends a seminar on peer pressure, he is being instructed to reject the temptation to break the law when goaded by his peers. If you are a young person seeking techniques for... Read More »

Love Relationships

The Power of Love It as been along time since I felt the tingle of the power of the connection between two individuals. Taken for granted by teenagers for whom it appears in every other conversation, this strange, elusive, and often incongruous buzz of hormones and electricity is responsible for more heart ache, trouble and... Read More »

Why do so many Women Aim to be Skinny

In every magazine you read and every film you watch there are lots of beautiful women who are all skinny. They may well have a lot of help to look that skinny, as if they are rich and famous enough they will probably have their own trainers and nutritionists, whilst on every photo shoot there... Read More »

Decline of Marriage

Marriage has just become a word people use these days. Little meaning has been given to the vows couples take at the altar. In the back of their minds, deep down inside, people have the thought that if this doesn’t work out I can just get a divorce and move on to the next person.... Read More »

What is a Soul Mate Define Soul Mate

Many times we hear the phrase “marrying my soul mate”.  But, how many of us REALLY know what that means?  I can honestly say I did marry my soul mate and what an awesome thing that REALLY is!  In my mind, one knows when you’ve met and connected with your soul mate when you find... Read More »

History of Womens Tennis Fashions

Watching today’s powerfully athletic female tennis players, it is easy to forget that it wasn’t so long ago that correct tennis attire was confining and modest. Can you picture Venus Williams dressed in heavy long sleeves while slamming an ace? Or how could Maria Sharapova run to the net in a long skirt? Female tennis... Read More »

Home Remedies for a Glowing Skin

Home made remedies for a glowing skin A glowing, shining skin denotes good health. Nothing is more important than to have a healthy, wholesome life. By following an active lifestyle, exercising, eating in moderation and nurturing your soul and spirit goes a long way in keeping your face and overall skin looking soft and beautiful.... Read More »

Best Places to Shop

Take the plunge! I know it’s hard, especially if you’ve been stuck in the same groove for several years, but it’s just like ripping off a Band-Aid. At first it’ll sting but it can’t hang on forever looking tacky and gross. You will feel far better if you can define yourself by who you are... Read More »

The Difference between Good Friends and Toxic Friends

Most people think of friendship as a positive in their lives, and it should be exactly that. Sometimes, though, out of long association, fear of hurting someone, fear of making change, or even out of habit, we hold on to detrimental relationships that make us miserable. Below are some of the differences between good friends... Read More »

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