How Does Blood Clot?

Overview Blood clotting, also called blood coagulation, occurs in reaction to a wound to halt the flow of blood. This happens so that blood loss will stop and also so that the wound will be closed and no bacteria or other harmful organisms can enter the body and start an infection. Process The process of... Read More »

Benefits of Having Health Insurance

With the cost of health insurance rising annually, you may reach a point where you must decide if the premiums are worth the cost. Health insurance offers access to medical care that may be unaffordable without it. An unexpected injury could lead to substantial medical bills that could potentially lead to bankruptcy. Health insurance has... Read More »

Names of Weight Loss Groups

A study by Agricultural Research Service, ARS, which is U.S. Department of Agriculture’s chief scientific research agency, shows that people who join weight loss groups suffer less stress related to their dieting efforts. This improves their performance on everyday tasks and helps them stick to their weight loss efforts. While there are many small local... Read More »

The Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Space heaters are small heating units that you can you use to supplement your central heating system. Most space heaters rely on electricity, though others use more efficient heating sources like propane or kerosene. To reduce your monthly energy costs, turn down your thermostat and switch to portable heaters that provide heat only where its... Read More »

Uses for Grapefruit Pectin

Grapefruit pectin is a powder made from the pulp and the rind of the fruit. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that provide wide-ranging health benefits. A soluble fiber, it promotes heart and digestive health, helps control blood sugar and may combat some types of cancer. There is some evidence that it may help with... Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is a real problem for more than 18 percent of individuals in the United States alone. This anxiety can stem from a fear of heights, enclosed spaces, crashes or even terrorism, but it, just like any other fear, is able to be overcome. You can triumph over your fear of flight in... Read More »

Home Remedies for a Dry Nose

The dry, cold air of winter, medications, hormonal shifts that accompany pregnancy or menopause, and other factors can all cause you to experience a dry nose. Nasal dryness can be itchy and uncomfortable but can also lead to medical issues such as nosebleeds, congestion and sinus infections, according to the Colorado-based Ear, Nose and Throat... Read More »

Glutamine Powder or Capsules

Overview Glutamine is a naturally occurring substance in the body that performs several vital functions in the body. While healthy individuals produce enough glutamine on their own, certain people may look toward supplements to increase their intake. The most common form of glutamine supplements are capsules and powder. What Is Glutamine? Glutamine is an amino... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy With No Money

Overview The key to eating healthy with no money is to have a plan. Knowing in advance what you need will prevent you from overspending or going for impulse purchases such as snacks or other items located near the register. Being on a strict budget doesn’t have to mean eliminating healthy foods, but it will... Read More »

Good Low Carb Foods to Eat

What constitutes low-carb depends on what type of diet you’re following. According to the Diet Channel, the Atkins Diet starts at only 20 grams per day, while the South Beach Diet has no specific amount established. So before you start choosing low-carb foods to incorporate into your diet, you need to decide on the type... Read More »

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