What Are the Different Types of Pancreatic Cancer?

The National Cancer Institute reports that pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in 29,000 people in the United States each year, and is the fifth leading cause of cancer death. Located in the abdomen behind the stomach, the pancreas secretes hormones that tell the body whether to use or store energy extracted from food or enzymes that... Read More »

Simple Pilates Ball Exercises

Pilates is a method of exercise that builds core strength, long sculpted muscles, flexibility and graceful movement. While the exercise ball, or stability ball as it is sometimes called, has been adopted as a useful tool by many Pilates enthusiasts, the ball was not part of the original Pilates program created in the 1920s. However,... Read More »

Ab Exercise Instructions

Overview The abs are part of your body’s core. It is this location on the body that is responsible for almost every movement you make during the course of a day. Every time you sit up to sneeze, raise a glass of wine to toast or swing a golf club, your abs are being used.... Read More »

Laser Hair Removal Vs. Electrolysis

Overview Laser and electrolysis are two methods of hair removal that are considered permanent. While the end results are the same–smooth, hair-free skin on legs, face, underarms or nearly any body part of your choosing–the process, time involved and costs are very different between the two. Consider all of the benefits and risks before deciding... Read More »

Diseases From a Lack of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is necessary for vision and helps maintain the epithelial tissues such as skin, lungs and intestines. If your daily diet does not contain adequate amounts of the vitamin, you will have vitamin A deficiency. This deficiency is often seen in poor and developing countries. It can also occur... Read More »

Tips on Making Hair Healthy

The average person has approximately 100,000 hairs on their head at any given time, according to the Nemours Foundation, and healthy hair grows approximately 1/2 inch each month. This means hair is exposed to heat, environmental pollution, and chemicals for about two years before it reaches your shoulders. The Hair Foundation states that getting and... Read More »

Cures for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that develops between the toes or on the foot. Fungal infections flourish in moist, warm environments. When you wear shoes and socks, particularly when you are engaging in a physical activity or sport, your feet become an ideal breeding ground for fungi to live. Athlete’s foot can cause itching... Read More »

Description of Hockey Sticks

Overview Hockey sticks are, arguably, the most crucial piece of equipment for a hockey player. The stick that one player chooses may differ from the stick used by another player in size, weight, price, material and curve. A player must discover what kind of stick is right for his style of play and desires. Material... Read More »

Pilates for Lower Body Exercises

Created by Joseph Pilates, a German boxer with a background in yoga and classic Greek and Roman workouts, Pilates can help you to gain balance, flexibility and muscular endurance. Because all Pilates movements are slow and purposeful, you will not be able to use momentum for any exercises. Instead, the muscles are fully engaged as... Read More »

How to Use Oregano Oil

Overview Oregano oil has been used for centuries, going as far back as ancient Greece, according to HomeRemediesWeb.com. This oil is extracted from the oregano plant, an herb that is commonly used as a seasoning, and contains the compounds carvacol and thymol, both of which attack organisms that can affect your health. Oil of oregano... Read More »

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