When you want a Relationship but you are just Friends

It is a very common scenario that when someone falls for someone else, be it completely or just a small crush at first, that person will make the mistake of befriending that person in hopes it will lead to more. This is wrong, and ineffectual. If both parties are aware that one wants more than... Read More »

Single Mothers and their Children

Hello. I’m 22 years old. No, I’m not a mother. I’m not interested in dating you. However, it appears that you’re interested in my mother. She’s the attractive brunette with the pleasant smile you “winked” at last night online. Yes, I know she failed to put that she has kids on her profile page. In... Read More »

Wonderful Husbandgood Manlucky Woman

I often hear that I’d one day make a wonderful husband for some lucky woman. I have a great job with a stable work history, I allocate time to under privileged children, I’m adequate in the kitchen, more than adequate in the bedroom, and for a bachelor, I keep a fairly clean house. I’ve received... Read More »

How to Stay Positive about your Body Image

Hey LadiesNever mind what society says about beauty! What about loving yourself? Understanding that there is nothing wrong with you, look in the mirror, embrace what you see as flaws. Nobody was created perfect, but yet we strive for perfection. Why are we tempted to injections and cosmetic surgery when all these are doing is... Read More »

Dating Dilemmas Advice

Subtlety is the messiah in recognizing if your spouse is stepping out on you. Maintaining a cool and conservative attitude throughout the process is the mainstay here, you do not want an open conflict! First of all, have the feeling. It comes with every relationship. If an irresistible sense of betrayal falls over you it... Read More »

Dating Dilemmas Advice

Well let’s just get the cliche out there… “once a cheater always a cheater.” Now, I don’t believe this is necessarily true. However, if you’re the one getting cheated on, you always have that in the back of your mind. Everyone is always saying it to you. Everyone’s opinions come out at this point in... Read More »

Best Places to Meet Singles in the City

God I hate to say this but, I have to go against everyone who feels bars are not a good place to meet people. I was a major proponent of this sentiment in my twenties and took it for gospel as I met my first wife walking in the town I grew up in. I... Read More »

Is Fear Keeping you Single

To some who have never been married, marriage is an unknown world. We all know how fearful the unknown can be. If you have been married before there is the unknown aspect of it all with a new person along with the fear that the next on will be just as bad as or worse... Read More »

Where to Meet Singles

When you think of suburbia, visions of minivans, strip malls and nicely manicured lawns may come to mind. However, if you are single and just so happen to live in this land of soccer moms, then you may wonder where to meet others of your kind. Well, do not despair because there are some good... Read More »

Relationship Advice for the Bitter Single Guy

Okay, so you’ve had it rough she treated you pretty bad. Maybe you had bad luck and caught a girl on the rebound from someone who did her wrong. Maybe she’s just a witch. Maybe you went for a high-maintenance-all-about-the-look-and-the-money chick, and are in shock that she was all surface, no substance, and didn’t care... Read More »

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